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Part 2. Seattle.

Here is part 2 of my delayed recap of our United States family trip: SEATTLE. There’s a cosmic level of support that you can feel within this city. From the ground up, it lives in the buildings, people, the air, and it forms a culture that you can easily attach to. Art and individuality. Home and hearth. Something like that, but deeper, richer. Seattle, yes, I could live here. Part 1 was Los Angeles.

Part 1. Los Angeles.

My family and I went to America in February for my 40th birthday. It was my first time visiting there. We had two weeks to play with, and a toddler and a nine-year-old in tow. From Los Angeles, we went to Seattle, Denver, Memphis and San Francisco, before returning to LA and flying back home. The night before we left Adelaide, I received guidance that America’s cold temps were going to be detrimental to the health of my youngest (he had fallen sick the day before). Then my eldest got sick too, and I felt like the odds were against us. Naturally, I was worried about the kids and thought it best to postpone the holiday, but what do you do when the whole trip, worth thousands, is non-refundable?! Of course, I did not want to cancel; it was the kids’ first international holiday, and not to mention that the last time I had been abroad was over ten years ago. Despite our terrible start to the trip and reasonable share of crappy moments: the …