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Write every day, they say. I’ve been getting stuck into my beloved Jack Canfield, dealing with feelings that have taken me by surprise, reading my old journals and searching within. I’d forgotten about my internal pledges all those years ago to become a writer. It was such an unusual feeling to be reminded of how badly I once wanted it. For a passion that was embedded so deeply, how and why could I have let it go?ย  I think back to who I was back then, and I started to theorise that maybe it never got off the ground because it was all about the idea of being a writer. The sheer romance of it all. It would explain why I never submitted my work — well, I could count on one hand the work that I sent — but that doesn’t make much sense to me because I don’t submit my images for photographic competitions and awards as a photographer today either. I could also argue that perhaps I just wasn’t ready for submission …

Before 9am On A Wednesday Morning

My sister is currently living it up in Morocco, while I have just started chapter 1 of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. Here’s an excerpt from a recent SMS conversation between us… My sister: Drinking Moroccan beer after having an amazing massage. Me: Cool. I’m about to take control of my life.