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Last Weekend Of Winter

Too sleep-deprived to string many words together (my youngest hasn’t been sleeping well over the last week) but I wanted to document my as-is backyard yesterday. The camera was it. If you aren’t looking through the gallery: I found a vintage high-chair, our magnolia tree takes my breath away, I love the influences of Steiner schooling on my eight year old son, and I look forward to our finished pergola.

Garden Floaties

I ate my cheese and tomato toastie in the middle of my backyard with the sun on my back. I watched as a couple of butterflies fluttered over the garden shed, and a crow flew over my head. The wind moved my son’s school clothes ever so slightly on the line. A pigeon kept on cooing. Not so far away, ants fraternised madly with a twig, as though it may come to life; its sun-dried leaves remained flat against the pavement. My body still felt heavy from a harsh run with Winter colds, but everything around me was soothing and ready to float. I looked up at our gum tree, holding my arm up to shield from rays, and the tree seemed to acknowledge me. “Don’t worry,” it said. “I will take care of you.”  


I am in awe over my six ten Arum Lily bushes at my new place. (By the way, how long does one need to have been moved in to a house before the ‘new’ label gets dropped off? Anyone?) At my very first house that I bought back in 2002, I had a green thumb for a while and wanted to grow every plant species known to mankind. The Arum Lily was at the top of my list. My love ran deep for them and I even wanted them in my wedding bouquet, although they weren’t in season then. My twenty-something-self tried to grow an Arum lily plant but it didn’t flourish. I figured it wasn’t meant to be. Yes I was sad, but I gave up pretty easily and didn’t make any further attempts to grow another. Here we are, 12 years later, and I get to walk out into my winter garden and marvel at the Arum Lily’s delicateness and serious beauty any time that I want to. I’ve been very curious about signs that …