Month: October 2017

Part 4. Memphis.

Memphis was my favourite part of our holiday. (If I had been able to see Pearl Jam in Seattle then it could have quite possibly been a tie–just in case you were wondering.) It’s a lively, accommodating city and I wish that we had spent more time there. I could have ridden the “trolley” through the city-centre all day.  The locals boldly project their inward colours. It’s like everyone wears their heart on their sleeve. Everyone we met anyway. Graceland was a spiritual experience for me. Hubby’s regret was not eating authentic southern fried chicken. Mine was not going to a blues club down Beale Street (tricky with kids). Next time, huh?

Part 3. Denver.

In my previous post about Seattle, I said that I could live there. However. Denver took me by surprise and I would definitely live there. Capitol Hill, where we were based, was utterly delightful. Not in a picturesque sense. You can just relate to everyone and everything and there is an easy flow of life that you can imagine being a part of. This feeling crept up on me and I didn’t really notice how liveable the town was till about the end of day two. By that time, I was certain that Capitol Hill would be a wonderful base for my family–if we ever decided to be brave enough to leave Australia for America. It wasn’t just my imagination either, my hubby agreed with me wholeheartedly. It was ridiculously cold at night, but during the day the Denver sun was very welcoming. I don’t have pictures of Wax Trax, Queen City General Store, Sub Culture, City O City–such places that made me gush over our Denver neighbourhood. My eldest, Xavier, wanted to see the snow …

Part 2. Seattle.

Here is part 2 of my delayed recap of our United States family trip: SEATTLE. There’s a cosmic level of support that you can feel within this city. From the ground up, it lives in the buildings, people, the air, and it forms a culture that you can easily attach to. Art and individuality. Home and hearth. Something like that, but deeper, richer. Seattle, yes, I could live here. Part 1 was Los Angeles.