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Part 1. Los Angeles.

My family and I went to America in February for my 40th birthday. It was my first time visiting there. We had two weeks to play with, and a toddler and a nine-year-old in tow. From Los Angeles, we went to Seattle, Denver, Memphis and San Francisco, before returning to LA and flying back home.

The night before we left Adelaide, I received guidance that America’s cold temps were going to be detrimental to the health of my youngest (he had fallen sick the day before). Then my eldest got sick too, and I felt like the odds were against us. Naturally, I was worried about the kids and thought it best to postpone the holiday, but what do you do when the whole trip, worth thousands, is non-refundable?! Of course, I did not want to cancel; it was the kids’ first international holiday, and not to mention that the last time I had been abroad was over ten years ago.

Despite our terrible start to the trip and reasonable share of crappy moments: the uncomfortable flight over (due to the boys’ sickness), the excessive internal flights (what were we thinking with a heavy itinerary in such a short time with kids ?!), the airport delays (bearable usually, but beyond difficult with kids–I keep mentioning the kids, ha!), paying $500 for a doctor for my youngest, and losing our luggage for 48 hours… our short-lived nightmares paled in significance to our highlights.

We were lucky to have the blissful times that we did, so much so that it blows my mind knowing that I considered canning the trip in the first place.

With a (slight?) delay, I have gotten around to gathering a few images from my travels and writing some captions. This post is the first of a five-part series. Our highs aren’t fully represented in the images that I am sharing. I was too busy experiencing the sights first-hand. I had made a pact with myself to have my experiences without a lens–first time doing so in years. It meant not lugging my big ass camera, a plus. I know that I shocked a few folks (and myself) by not taking the DSLR with me. I did, however, take a Canon ae1 film camera, and shot one roll of film, but it did not turn out. All I have are iPhone shots and my memories. Somehow, it is enough.

So, first up, Los Angeles. This was our stop-over zone only, though we stayed an extra day (in the hotel room!) because of illness.

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