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Next Steps – Writing and Photography

More kilometres have been added onto my novel journey unfortunately. In its present state (draft two), it doesn’t work, but at least I know it, and I know why, and now all I can do is hunch over my desk and just keep going. I need to make some drastic changes and the thought of the rewrites ahead leave me paralysed with fear. But I can do this.

In other writing news, I dug up a short story of mine from a few years back and I reworked it to the point where I was satisfied with it. I submitted it to one place but it was rejected. That’s fine—it was only one try and I was stoked that I actually submitted something for the first time in years. I left it for months, reworked it again very recently and found another place to submit it to this week. Fingers crossed, yeah? It’s not a traditional short story—it’s a piece of flash fiction at around 700 words, a little vignette if you will.

With my work, I am a bit like a mother duck who is worried about sending her chicks out on their own, but not only that, I have a lot of unfinished bits that aren’t submittable as they are anyway. But times are changing, and I am older, and with that I feel more confident with my writing style and more importantly—my editing skills.

And because I have been out of practice with throwing my work out there, I was surprised at how common it is to pay a reading fee for submissions. A lot of places seemed to require it, and I get the reasons why, but it’s sad that it has come to that, right?

But what is not sad is the incredible two week holiday in America that I was able to go on with my family. I will be writing more about that very soon.

In the meantime, as some folks might have caught on already, I am not shooting weddings right now but my camera is not completely gathering dust–I’m being selective with which photography jobs I take on. Below, the first two images are from my personal collection. The last three are shots that I took for clients.

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I am a writer and photographer based in Adelaide, Australia and the author of an Eddie Vedder book called PICTURE IN A FRAME (available on Amazon). When I am not running after my two kids, I am working on my first novel.


  1. A.S. Akkalon says

    Awesome to hear you’re getting your work out there and submitting again. You can’t publish if you don’t submit, though I’m yet to take the plunge. Good luck with your submissions!

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