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Reviewing Glen Hansard

It appears that the last music gig that I reviewed was in June last year — Against Me! — yikes, I had not realised it had been that long. (My one year old kid helps me to pass the time a little.) It’s funny, I remember when I did my first review, I was a bit on the terrified side — not to mention that I took hours and hours to get it right and get it out. (And a right version of that review would look totally different today, but that is writing, and that is life.)

I managed to get my latest review done pretty quickly (even with aforementioned one year old keeping me up half the night) which was of the excellent Glen Hansard. He performed last Thursday night and I was excited because I’m a fan; I have a soft spot for him because of his connection to Eddie Vedder (whom I admire greatly). I have seen Glen about five times now and each time he has not disappointed. It’s tricky when you can’t get personal during the music review process — as is the case for TheMusic.Com.Au website anyway — as I wanted to mention that I was hanging out to hear Aretha Franklin’s Respect pop up during Lover Don’t Leave Me Waiting. When I got my wish, I was thrilled. I can’t mention stuff like that in a review because the reader does not care, but hey you’re on my blog and now you all know. A great talent, that Hansard bloke — go see him if you ever get the chance. (And Google Glen and Eddie singing Falling Slowly when you can, too.)

You can read my Glen Hansard review here here. (There are a couple of perplexing changes from the editor which make it seem like I do not know how to string a sentence together… but c’est la vie. I’m not allowed to say that, am I?)

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