Month: August 2016

Last Weekend Of Winter

Too sleep-deprived to string many words together (my youngest hasn’t been sleeping well over the last week) but I wanted to document my as-is backyard yesterday. The camera was it. If you aren’t looking through the gallery: I found a vintage high-chair, our magnolia tree takes my breath away, I love the influences of Steiner schooling on my eight year old son, and I look forward to our finished pergola.

Back, But Battered…

My blog was offline for a few months after a mishap with my web host. (Mind you, my main website remains offline but that’s because I am still working on its rebuild.) I restored a small selection of posts from a random time but I have lost a lot. Yep, gone. That is the explanation for the missing and sporadic entries, as well as the broken images. I may be able to bring back a few posts from some email archives but more importantly, I need to move on and upload fresh content. It’s good to have this space sorted again. Thanks for your patience. Update: I discovered that my Goodreads profile keeps an entire copy of my blog posts! It’s only until October 2014 but I am so relieved that I’ve managed to salvage more data. Hurrah!