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You’re There, I’m Here #3

This is the third post from the project series You’re There, I’m Here.

[My friend Donnie suggested an idea for a collaborative project where we each take a photograph outdoors on the same day. The purpose is to showcase the contrast in our surroundings as we are 16,504 kilometres apart.]

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Jennifer: Twenty days into autumn, this is my back door, some metres away from the house, through our fig tree, way after dusk. Though it’s home, it’s a perspective that I’m not familiar with.

Donnie: On the first day of spring, there in the back side of an old wall, atop rickety steps and weathered wood rails, was a door that someone had felt the need to proclaim as new. For a while I debated the truth of the scrawled words, then I realized that ultimately, a door is a door, and opening it is a new beginning.

My image probably looks a bit eerie, could be King’s latest book cover even, but to be honest it had been a strange day, and the vibe had stuck around for the evening. Earlier that day I had visited my paternal grandmother at the nursing home, and speaking of unfamiliar perspectives, it truly saddens me to write that I just don’t recognise her anymore–she is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I was also waiting on news from my maternal grandmother’s back surgery after she’d had a fall. On top of that, one of my cats went and ‘fashioned’ this horrible gash on her back, most likely from a fight with another cat, and I was worried about it, and needed to take her to the vet. (Mind you, she looked like an animal extra from The Walking Dead.)
And so I had intended to capture some sort of well-isn’t-it-lovely-that-autumn-is-finally-here moment, and how refreshing the cool is in the evenings now, but it didn’t work out that way. Then again, that is one of the things I like about photography: you never know what you’re gonna get. Come to think of it, that’s very similar to my writing process, too.

Donnie and I don’t share beforehand what we’re planning to shoot, and so I love that we both ended up in front of a door. I can always appreciate a nice dose of synchronicity.

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