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You’re There, I’m Here – #1

My friend Donnie suggested an idea for a collaborative project where we each take a photograph outdoors on the same day. The purpose is to showcase the contrast in our surroundings — with perhaps an emphasis on the season — as we are 16,504 kilometres apart.

This post is the first from our project series called, You’re There, I’m Here.

Adelaide: Late-spring grapes begin to grow from a vine that is over a 100 years old.*
Lexington: Late-autumn leaves were aglow in a backyard.

Donnie’s post is here.

*My family and I have been at this property for only 18 months and it was our neighbour that informed us about the age of the vine. The grapevine is planted right on the boundary between our home and the neighbour’s. Years back, when there were plans to put up the adjoining fence, our neighbour didn’t want to see the vine destroyed as a result. He arranged for the fence to be erected on his side of the boundary — for the love of preserving the vine.

My husband had never pruned a grapevine before. He winged it during the first spring at this home, and a couple of sizeable bunches sprung forth. Since then, he has become quite the avid gardener. He tried a new pruning technique this year and consequently there are grape bunches sprouting everywhere. However, time will tell whether his research paid off, or if there are in fact too many grapes on the vine…

PS – Following on from my last blog post, I now have a baby boy and a finished first draft of my novel. I am still amazed at both accomplishments. I have shared details of these two significant happenings on my Instagram profile. Next step on baby front: enjoy every moment with him as he is already six weeks old! Next step on manuscript front: take it out of the drawer where it has been germinating for the last seven weeks and begin the first edit. (When I’m not feeding, changing nappies, and sleep-rocking.)

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