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The First Step

They say that writing is therapeutic. I seem to have forgotten how much of that is true, so today I am restarting my journal. 

I don’t know whether this will be a journal of words or pictures (to support the photographer in me) or a balance of both. Whatever this is, it will shape itself along the way.

The last public piece I wrote was this after seeing Pearl Jam’s Big Day Out show in Melbourne. It’s not really a review, although I have been contemplating reviewing a music gig here and there just to mix things up a bit. The problem with reviewing shows is that if you are doing it honestly – as in not in favour of what people or the band or the publication want to hear — then you need balls of steel. Last time I checked my own… well, I’ve got a bit of work to do in that department.

We have just had someone sand and re-polish one of the bedroom floors in our new place of abode. It’s the day after the second coat, and although the smell has faded a little, it’s still too much for me and I feel like the fumes have sunken into my gut. I think it’s clouding my thought process. 

Last night, I dreamt of my dogs Arky and Andy. They are Cavalier King Charles spaniels — oh such beautiful creatures. Andy passed away after battling a heart problem in July, 2012. He was only in our life for about a year, but we were so lucky to find him when we did.

Arky passed away a couple of weeks ago from liver failure. Nearly 12 years together, my life won’t be the same without him. It comforts me that those two little angels are together again now. I’ll be creating a special memorial corner in the garden for them. 


Andy & Arky. #iphone image

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